View Culture and Art Center Support Project of Young Artists From Gansu in 2019
View Culture and Art Center
 Support Project of Young Artists From Gansu in 2019
View Culture and Art Center · Support Project of Young Artists From Gansu, hereinafter referred to as VIEW · S, is a supportive project to cultivate local contemporary young artists in Gansu. The project is initiated by View Culture and Art Center, and has united famous art critics, artists, curators and art institutions to find, support and introduce local contemporary young artists in Gansu that feature the characteristics of culture and art in Western China.
I.                    Project Organization
Sponsored by:   View Culture and Art Center
Undertaken by: View art gallery
II.                 Project Objectives
Based on its abundant artistic resources at home and abroad, VIEW · S seeks to strengthen its cooperation with art institutions, artists, art critics, curators and media to find and support local young artists in Gansu. It plans to build independent cultural and artistic concepts and dismantle the limitation of minds. To carry out the plan, it will organize exhibitions, residence projects, forums and creation activities to build a platform for young artists to learn knowledge, exchange ideas and display their works, so as to promote their transformation toward maturity in art.
III.               Project contents
All young artists that successfully gain support from VIEW · S will enjoy the following opportunities to learn and exchange (each project will be valid for a year):
Artist training project;
Artist workshop project;
Art forum project: learn from and exchange ideas with literary theorists and artists;
Complete creation projects jointly with the artists in residence of View art gallery;
The opportunity to sign up in art institutions at home and abroad and join in their residence activities;
Project funding support ranging from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan;
Independent publication of artists’ works;
Exhibition planning for artists’ works;
Media recommendation for artists’ works.
IV.               Project application
1.       Acceptance requirements
The applicant must be younger than 45 and has relatively high artistic achievements and big potential for development. He/She is expected to be innovative;
He/She must have enthusiasm for art and be able to persevere. He/She should worship both morality and expertise and have generally good comprehensive qualities.
2.       Application materials
Art record (including detailed contact information);
Motivation for application;
Achievements (about 20 works) with written explanations;
The creation plan for the project in question.
3.       Method for application
Please package all the application materials and send them to The email subject should conform to the following format: “Name + View Culture and Art Center · Support Project of Young Artists From Gansu”;
Deadline for application: April 1st, 2019. According to the chronological order of applications, we will choose some applicants that meet our requirements to join in the project.