Major Photography Exhibitions at Home and Abroad

Since its foundation, View Art Gallery has actively participated in major photography exhibitions at home and abroad to broaden its horizon and promote communication. It has successively attended the "Pingyao International Photography Exhibition 2014", "Beijing International Photography Week 2014", "the Sixth Dali International Film Festival 2015", "Pingyao International Photography Exhibition 2015", and other important international photography festivals. "the seventh Dali International Film Festival 2017" and other important international photography festivals. At the seventh Dali International Photography Festival 2017, a number of contemporary art institutions and artists' works of a united exhibition under the general planning of View Art Space and the general curator Niu Hengli made a joint appearance. All the institutions and artists were from Gansu, Qinghai and Ningxia. There were 22 groups and more than 220 works of 17 artists. The photographer Zhao Jinlong in the exhibition organized by Niu Hengli was nominated for the best photographer. Ma Yinghai, “Consumer” image exhibition curator, won the best curator nomination award. All the works of the exhibition were produced presumably for museum collection and sold in a limited number at the site of the exhibition. A total of 40 pieces (sets) of works were collected by well-known collectors, gallery directors and artists. This initiative pioneered the collective participation and work-selling of Western image artists in large art exhibitions and. It has played a very active role in promoting the public's recognition and dissemination of the collection of image works.