Secret of Secret: the Third View Contemporary Image Biennale, 2017

The opening reception of “Secret of Secret: the Third Contemporary Image Biennale 2017” was held in Yanerwan Contemporary Art Museum of Lanzhou at 10 am on November 4, 2017. The exhibition was curated by Niu Hengli and sponsored by Propaganda Department of Lanzhou Municipal Committee, Yanerwan Culture and Art Zone and View Art Gallery. Later the Third View Art Forum was held in Yanerwan Contemporary Art Museum and School of Fine Arts, Northwest Normal University

The exhibition consisted of five sections: Secret of Secret Theme Exhibition, Invitational Exhibition for Famous Gansu Artists, Special Exhibition for Curators' Works, Gansu/Qinghai/Ningxia/Shaanxi/Sichuan Exchange Exhibition, “Consumption” Image and Special Exhibition for Artists in Residence. In the exhibition there were 64 groups of over 800 works by 56 artists. Ye Zhou, famous poet and writer of our province, the winner of Lu Xun Literature Prize, served as the cultural consultant. Zang Ce, well-known literary theorist, Cai Meng, deputy director of the Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shi Ming, curator-in-chief of the Xishuangbanna International Image Exhibition and many other famous contemporary artists, including Zhuang Hui, Wang Yishu, Jinle, Muge, Zhang Kechun and Feng Li, all participated in the exhibition.