Image beyond Image: the Second View Contemporary Image Exhibition, 2015

The opening reception of “ Image beyond Image: the Second View Contemporary Image Exhibition, 2015”,  premiere of View No.02, and the second View Art Forum, all curated by Niu Hengli, sponsored by View Art Gallery and undertaken by Lanzhou Enjoy Sunshine Culture Communication Company and Lanzhou Creative Culture Industrial Park, were held in Lanzhou Creative Culture Industrial Park at 10 am on Jan. 23, 2016. Famous literary theorist Zang Ce, famous poet Ye Zhou and other experts and scholars made brilliant speeches.

This exhibition is another concentrated presentation in the field of contemporary photography art in Gansu Province. It reflects the freedom and responsibility of these contemporary artists in terms of creation form, media application, concern and reflection on life, and individual self-examination. As is stated in Zhouyi Xicishang, the book can’t contain all languages, while the languages can’t depict all images… so one creates an appearance to interprete the images. The wise man “creates an appearance to interprete the images”, but “after interpreting the image he forsakes the appearnce”, and instead lifts images out of the appearnce and calls it “image beyond image”. Since each artist's life experience and background are different, their understandings of the "image beyond image" would be different, and so are the final presentations of the work, which reflects exactly the truth that image is the embodiment of human life.