The "ART LANZHOU · 2019 LANZHOU INTERNATIONAL IMAGE BIENNALE" organized by the View Culture and Art Center, Yanerwan Contemporary Art Museum, Gansu Photographers Association, Gansu Modern Photography Society and Western makers was held in Yanerwan Contemporary Art Museum, Gansu Museum Art Museum, rongart Museum, View Art Gallery and Bai'an concept cinema on October 26, 2019 Space, Art Museum of Gansu maternal and child health hospital, 2075 studio, cell sugar art space and muzyan bookstore opened. Based on the three successful biennales of "watching contemporary images", this Biennale combines with photography associations and art institutions at home and abroad as well as in Gansu Province, and takes advantage of exhibition spaces such as art galleries, museums, exhibition halls, bookstores and galleries in Lanzhou city to present a cultural and artistic feast with both international and local emphasis in the one week exhibition.

At the same time, on October 27-28, the "above literature · Lanzhou international image Biennale academic forum" was held in the roadshow center on the 6th floor of the North podium of Lanzhou cultural and creative building, inviting famous scholars, literary critics and artists to give academic lectures, talk and work sharing activities.

The exhibition unit is divided into "literature based - Chinese documentary photography in the contemporary context" theme Academic Exhibition, "art Lanzhou" organization exhibition, "Gansu young artists support plan" works exhibition and gallery collection works exhibition. Among them, the academic theme of this Biennial is "beyond the document".