Secretly illuminating: 2014 View (Gansu) Contemporary Photography Exhibition

On October 18, 2014, the “Secretly illumintaing: 2014 View (Gansu) Contemporary Photography Exhibition and Premiere of View No.1 ”, sponsored by View Art Gallery and undertaken by Lanzhou Enjoy Sunshine Culture Communication Company, was successfully held in Lanzhou Creative Culture Industrial Park, Gansu Province. The exhibition was organized under the special support of Gansu Photographers Association. Meanwhile the first “View Art Forum” academic exchange activity was held. In the exhibition there were 121 photographic works by 11 members such as Niu Hengli, Wu Pingguan, Liu Mingwei, Ma Yinghai, Li Dawei, Liu Jinxun, Wu Jun, Chen Jun and Du Xiling, with the theme of “Secretly illumintaing”. Also on display were Niu Hengli's dynamic photography experiment work "Dust and Depression", and the collective performance art work "Dyeing" . The works in the exhibition were the outcome of photograpgers’ diligent artistic photographic practice in Yaojie, Lanzhou during the past year.

Yaojie, an industrial town whose economy is mainly supported by coal output, is located near Datong River at the northeastern foot of Mount Halagu, a branch of Qilian Mountains. Facing the depletion of resources and the radical change of environment, human beings and all other life forms in their attempt to adapt to the environment for survival are presenting an appearance inundated with confinement, egoism, mystery and melancholy. Though limited to a closed and identical place, these photographers have broken the limits of shooting methods and ideas in traditional humanities documentary. Each of them has shown a unique Yaojie in their imagination and with it their original opinions in regard to this special place. They are in an earnest attempt to innovate and explore the attitude and concept concerning photography.