Niu Hengli | 牛恒立

Niu Hengli, male, vice chairman of the Gansu Photographers Association, vice chairman of the Gansu Modern Photograph Society, vice president of the Lanzhou photographic Artists Federation, and the art director of View Art Space. In 2013, he worked with other artists to initiate and found View Art Group, paying attention to and promote the exploration and development of contemporary art photography in Gansu and even the whole northwest China, advocating "seeking artistic spirit, returning to the authenticity of photography, advocating subjective expression". Up to now, "View Contemporary Image Biennale" has been successfully organized three times, three editions of "View" and an academic journal "View: special issue one - consumption" have been published, and three consecutive "View Art Forum" have been held. In 2017, he initiated and founded the first photography gallery "View Art Gallery” in Gansu province  to organize the exchange of artists and to promote the collection of photography works in Gansu.

He has actively participated in major international photography festivals, and has successively planned to participate in "2014 Pingyao International Photography Exhibition", "Beijing International Photography week 2014", "2015 Sixth Dali International Photography Conference", "2015 Pingyao International Photography Exhibition" ,2017 Seventh Dali International Photography Conference", 2019 the 27th Photo L.A.2020 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2020 Shanghai Art Book Fairand other important international photography festivals.

At the same time, he actively explore the expression of the media in the field of contemporary art. In recent years, he has created a series of contemporary image works, such as "white horse day", "weightlessness", "daydream", "the search for hidden", "the bag of memory", "toys", "white horse image", "empty mountain", etc.