In Tibet the hallowed land lies divinity in its nature. The Tibetan people who believe in fear of God in the harsh natural plateau environment, are grateful for nature and believe in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan Buddhism is rooted in Tibetan areas, and monks come from Tibetan families. How do they live in religious life? What is the relationship between monks, temples, families, and even nature? How do they stick to the nature of themselves in the practice? For ten years in Tibet, I used documentary photography to record the daily life of this belief.

Since 2003, I have been walking alone in Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan, where I would pay attention to any Tibetan life. In their hard and difficult life, the Tibetan people prayed to God to grant happiness, protect the good fortune, and help them overcome the suffering in the course of life. Living at a high altitude, the soul relies on the faith. The spiritual sustenance of their survival has them realize to be grateful to God. God offers light and warmth, and they put everything in their own prayers. Tibetan Buddhism is the Tibetan nationality's trust and reliance.

During ten years of shooting in the Tibetan land, I was determined to grow a big tree with an excellent fruit of image. I tried to stay close and feel the special nationality. I used the classic images to interpret and understand the people of the faith. I used pictures of humanity and love to enlighten myself and move others. I used a thoughtful image to extend life, so as to get the understanding and respect for life.

I am loyal to the art of image, just like a pious man making long kowtow. I hope I don't interpret the Tibetan land in a shallow way. In the moment of change and development, I will tie a knot with the rope of faith to truly comprehend the value and meaning of photography. In the long river of life, I will use faith to redeem my soul and walk steadily on this warm highland…

Size(cm):61X50   Material:Vintage Gelatin Silver Print   
Date:2005-2015  Edition of 20