Wu pingguan | 吴平关
He was born in 1956, styles himself(zi) Guanping, with Lanzhou and Shanghai as his habitual residence. Starting photography in 1983, he has been engaged in photography organization for many years. Since 2012, acting as from the activity planner, curator, editorial director, guest editor to the executive editor-in-chief, he has been involved in the important imaging experiments and visual academic texts such as Explicit Images, The Concealed Land, The Shadow of Shadow, Qiankun Bay, On Huashan Mountain, They and Their Images, Unusual Images, Vivian Maier In China, In Those Days, as well as in planning and editing for the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Jinan International Photography Biennials, being the member of Art Committee of Fifth and Sixth Jinan International Photography Biennials.