Li zhi | 李止
Li Zhi, born in 1975 in Fengqiu, Henan, lives in Beijing and conducts artistic practice and creation through painting and photography. In the creation, based on his knowledge from ten years of learning and the nourishment of traditional poetry and books, he traced back to find the origins of  the two traditional paintings of China and Western Europe from the perspective of artistic form, and in the aspect of spirit he turned gradually from the spirit of Confucianism to the root of the Chinese Taoist thought. He went out of the study and the studio to the mountains to relish in the nature of the mountains and rivers. As a result, his photography creation has also changed gradually anew during his journey. His creation is not only the endless chanting of photographic films in the mountains and rivers, but also the mournful chanting of nature bearing the heavy burden of industrial civilization.