观看当代艺术中心(VIEW CONTEMPOARY ART CENTER)成立于2014年,是一家成长于中国西部的当代艺术机构,立足“兰州国际影像双年展”,积极参与国际对话,坚持“寻求艺术灵光”,拓展艺术的可能空间,从摄影开始,致力于影像、架上、装置与数字等多媒介当代艺术的交流、收藏、展览与出版,发现和推广最具潜力与创造力的艺术家,开展艺术家驻地计划、青年艺术家支持计划与公共艺术项目。

Founded in 2014, View Contemporary Art  Center (VCAC for short) is a contemporary art institution in Western China. It based on the "Lanzhou International Image Biennale". VCAC actively participates in international dialogue and insists on "seeking artistic inspiration" to expand the possible space of art. Starting from photography, VCAC is committed to the communication, collection, exhibition and publication of multi-media contemporary art such as video, easels, installations and digital art. It finds and promotes the most promising and creative artists, and carries out artist residency programs, young artist support programs and public art projects.

ADD:500 meters east of Donggang overpass, Chengguan District, Lanzhou City, Gansu Province (No. 1001, 10th floor, Yanerwan Contemporary Art Gallery)